Expert Witness

Elevation Surveyors provides an Expert Witness service for the Courts pertaining to building matters. 

With the recent enactment of new social housing laws (Awaab’s Law), the need for an experienced Expert Witness has never been more critical. Elevation Surveyors has extensive experience in preparing Expert Witness Reports in accordance with Practice Direction 35 for solicitors representing both Landlords and Tenants.

We have dedicated administrative staff to ensure Claimants are contacted within two days of receiving instructions, and a complete trail of all calls and messages is also documented.

Once an appointment is made and confirmed, the Claimants will receive a reminder text or call the day before. Our full report is turned around within five working days from the time of inspection.

Elevation Surveyors Expert Witness Report Cover


Excessive Relative Humidity reading at 92% in a social housing residence with chronic condensation issues.

We were appointed to inspect on damage to a social housing tenant experiencing extensive damage internally as a result of a leaking external soil pipe, and the Landlords failure to comply with repairing obligations.

Social Housing claim, appointed by tenant’s solicitor to report on soil water leaking from the separate residence above.

Chronic mould propagation in kitchen due to elevated humidity level from internal leak.

Extensive damage to internal hallway in social housing, caused by slow leak from fixed water pipe, left unattended for extensive period.

Chronic lateral penetrating dampness and extensive mould propagation in this flat occupied by a vulnerable and health compromised tenant, lead to a category 1 HHRS classification in the report.

A constant flow from a leaking service pipe, and defective guttering lead to prolonged dampness to porous solid walling, causing and outbreak of timber decay to internal timbers.

Chronic mould propagation to a social housing residence caused by ineffective ventilation.

Mould propagation to external window panelling caused by ineffective thermal breaks, and absence of effective ventilation. 

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